Culture and arts of Palawan are as diverse as its 1700 plus  islands. Aside from  the natives of the province, Palawan is now a place of convergence of Filipinos from different parts of the country.
Palawan has, among its cultural heritage, the Cuyunon, Agutaynen, Cagayanen, Calamian, Tagbanua, Batak, Pala’wan (Palawanon), Ken-uy (Ta’ut-bato) and Molbog.
Palawan culture originally came from the islands of Cuyo, Agutaya, Cagayancillo and Calamianes, but today has spread all over Palawan;  the Tagbanua can be found primarily in the  mainland and the Calamianes; the Batak and Pala’wan spread thinly  in the mainland; while the Ken-uy or Ta’ut-bato are found only in the south-western towns of Quezon and Rizal. The Molbog is from the southernmost  island town of Balabac, but has also spread in the southern mainland.
The most dominant among Palawan’s culture, is Cuyunon and mostly shared by the Agutaynen and the Calamians; the Cagayanens mostly inherited their culture from Panay island, particularly Antique; while the Tabanua, Batak and Ken-uy have similar culture.  Molbog may  have originated from its culture from Borneo and Basilan.
Tabon caves complex at Lipuun Point Reservation, Quezon, Palawan is known as the Cradle of Philippines Civilization, where the remains of  the  Tabon Man were  discovered in 1962.
These remains, the fossilized fragments of a skull and jawbone of three individuals, were believed to be the earliest human remains known in the Philippines which date back to 16,500 years ago, until a metatarsal from “Callao Man” discovered in 2007 was dated in 2010 by uranium-series dating as being 67,000 years old.

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tabon caves

Palawan has dozens of native dialects, such as the cuyunon, agutaynon, calamians, cagayanen, tagbanua, batak, palawanon, ken-uy,  with mixture of molbogs and other muslim tribes.
Palawan’s songs are unique, may be as unique as its diverse flora and fauna known for its rarity.  Sample some as you click the link below contributed by native Palawenos in the web… 
See video on Cuyuno songs… shared by Fernalyn Palay – Youtube…

Another Cuyuno song -Toting – shared by Verzl Vern – Youtube

Cuyuno songs Kingking, Tarinting, Layang Pasyak  shared by Matinlo – Youtube

Gegmang Cuyunon – shared by Cuyunon – Youtube
Senior Tagbalay shared by Cuyunon – Youtube

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