Proposed Mountain Resort overlooking Ulugan Bay for sale. The place is strategically located between Puerto Princesa City and the famous Underground River. This proposed Mountain Resort  may be developed as eco-friendly tourists destination. 

proposed mountain resort - Land overlooking Ulugan Bay

This 11.2 hectares of prime mountain land is ideal for mountain resort. Log cabins under and between the trees would beautifully blend with the scenic view overlooking Ulugan Bay. Underground River caters to about 1,000 tourist daily that would make marketing easier.  
Comparatively, the cost of land this area is P800 to P1,500 per sqm , but this land is offered for sale at P500 per sqm as owner needs capital to develop his other properties in the vicinity. 

proposed mountain resort - 11.2 hecs land overlooking Ulugan Bay

The lot is adjacent to the View Deck  overlooking Ulugan Bay – home to the Philippines Naval Forces West.  The Proposed Mountain Resort has 216 meters frontage along the concrete highway.

proposed mountain resort - near View Deck along concrete highway to Underground riverproposed mountain resort - frontage along concrete highway to Underground river

proposed mountain resort - frontage going to Puerto Princesa City

The land is strategically located and has great potentials for a Mountain Resort. The location serves as stop-over for tourists visiting the Underground River  or going to El Nido.  

proposed mountain resort - overlooking Ulugan Bay

proposed mountain resort - Interior

The main structures of the Proposed Mountain Resort maybe constructed in this portion of the land.

proposed mountain resort - Interior

FOR SERIOUS INVESTORS ONLY: This lot is ideal for Mountain Resort.  Concept of Development Plan ready; documentary requirements and groundwork maybe provided as investors may desire.                                          Contact


The proposed mountain resort would look like this… 

 proposed mountain resort - perspective

or  like this –  main structures near the road with log cabins scattered between and under the trees. 
Proposed Mountain Resort - a perspective Main structures like this may be constructed near the road and overlooking  a scenic Ulugan Bay.  

 proposed mountain resort - suggested structure

… and this structure too…

proposed mountain resort - structures

… and the fence surrounding  the property  would be like this, both for beauty and security …

proposed mountain resort - perimeter fence

Log cabins would look like this… between and under the trees with the murmuring of the brook and the songs of crickets, birds and other animals are heard. proposed mountain resort
… or this…. with privacy for those who seek tranquility… 

suggested log cabins for proposed mountain resort

… and also this… cozy and tranquil… with  the dancing of the tree branches as the wind caress their leaves. 

 proposed mountain resort - log cabins

Vicinity map showing Puerto Princesa City, Ulugan Bay, the Proposed Mountain Resort and the Underground River. Daily tourists traffic going to Underground River numbering about 1,000 pax which makes marketing  easier.

Vicinity map showing Barangay Buenavista,  the proposed Mountain Resort and portion of Ulugan Bay.



We can assist in the documentation, preparation of a development plan and cost estimates.



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